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booster © 2012 • Privacy Policy
  • What We Do

    Detroit City Services makes getting business done

    in the “D” simple, efficient and easy.  

    Legal filings executed from your computer.
    Tenant Evictions
    Divorce Filings
    Personal Protection Orders
    Power of Attorney – General & Durable



    Real Estate related transactions.

    Deed Registration & Preparation
    Property Transfer Affidavits
    Agent Assisted Appointments
    Pre Sale Inspections & ACR’s
    IRS or State of Michigan tax problems.
    Back Taxes
    Recent Notices
    Wage Garnishment
    Bank Levy
    Contractor Services; stay on the job, we handle the rest.
             Filing Blueprints
             Pulling Permits
             License Renewals
             Bonds and Insurance
    Real Estate Investment Services.
              Hot 10 under \K
              Property Evaluations with Photos & Videos
              Property Management
              Tenant Placement Services
  • Real Estate Transactions

    Pre-Sale Inspections

    The City of Detroit requires an inspection for all 1 & 2 family homes before sale. Inspections are scheduled once a request is made to the city. If the property passes inspection, a COA (Certificate of Approval) is issued, if not, you must make all necessary repairs & schedule a re-inspection. Detroit City Services will save you time & the hassle of dealing with the city by handling your Pre-Sale Inspection request for you.

    Complete the Pre-Sale Inspection Services Application in its entirety. Completed forms may be emailed or faxed.  Detroit City Services can also arrange pickup of your documents by courier if necessary. DCS processes all pre-sale orders within 24 to 48 hours. A copy of the Pre-Sale report is required to sign the A.C.R. 

    Fee: \.00 + city inspection fee \5.00

    Affidavit of Compliance Responsibility (A.C.R.)

    By completing the A.C.R., purchaser agrees to make timely corrections and repairs as listed in the pre-sale inspection report. With a copy of the pre-sale inspection report, a notarized General Power of Attorney  and Affidavit of Compliance Responsibility,  Detroit City Services will complete and deliver your executed ACR’s within 24 to 48 hours. 

    Fee: \.00

    Property Transfer Affidavit (P.T.A.)

    All property transfers in the City of Detroit require filing of a Property Transfer Affidavit. The City of Detroit requires property transfer affidavits to be filed within 45 days. If the PTA is not filed, you will be assessed \.00 per day with maximum fine of \0.00. Detroit City Services files all property transfer affidavits within 24 to 48 hours of your request.  In addition to the PTA, a copy of the property deed is needed to complete the transfer.

    Fee: \.00

    Deed Registration and Preparation

    Quit Claims Deeds & Warranty Deeds are prepared and registered within 48hrs. The service also includes the city required Property Transfer Affidavit. Our courier notary services makes the process simple, convenient and easy.

    Fee(s): Deed Registration \.00 + filing fee, Deed Preparation & Registration \0.00 + filing fee, Deed Preparation \.00

    Property Tax Appeals

    With housing prices falling, many local governments have failed to adjust their property tax.  Homeowners have the legal right to appeal their property tax assessment.  The Board of Review can take into account structural defects in the property, fire damage or other issues that have taken place during the period of the last assessment.  Call us today to begin your appeal process 888-963-9993.

    Fee: \0.00

  • Services

  • Tax Resolution

    IRS Tax Problems? Call DCS today!

    Detroit City Services is committed to providing tax resolution clients with the knowledge that their tax matters will be handled ethically and professionally. Our goal is to resolve your matter with the highest standards while giving you the peace of mind that your case is in the best of hands. There are several different options available to you when negotiating with the IRS.

    Installment Agreement (IA)

    A monthly payment plan based on your current financial situation. An installment agreement allows you to repay your back tax liability over an established period of time. 

    Offer In Compromise (OIC)

    In some instances an offer may be made to the IRS for a sum less than what you owe to settle your back tax liability. This is typically made in one lump sum payment.

    Partial Pay Installment Agreement (PPIA)

    A monthly payment plan established over a period of time when full payment cannot be made by the CSED. Analysis of equity and assets is necessary before a PPIA is granted.

    Currently Non Collectible (CNC)

    When a taxpayer cannot afford to pay his or her back tax liability due to lack of income, no income (laid off, current economy), the IRS may deem the taxpayer currently non collectible thereby waiving their tax liability for the time being. 

    Capable, fast and personal hands-on attention is what you can expect from DCS. We will work diligently to get you the best settlement on your tax liability. Call us today at 248-242-1878 for your free consultation.

  • What's Happening in the "D"

  • Investors // Hot 10 Under \K

  • Forms

    We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.

    - Winston Churchill

    Detroit City Services offers a wide range of services.  We have complied a database of forms for your convenience. Please browse through the listings below.  If there is a form that you are in need and it is not listed, please call us for assistance. 



    Real Estate Transactions


    Affidavit of Compliance Responsibility (A.C.R.)

    Property Transfer Affidavit (P.T.A.)

    Pre-Sale Inspection Services Application



    Property Owners


    Application for Rental Housing Registration

    Application for Section 8 Housing Registration

    Application for Vacant Property or Structure Registration



    Business Owners


    Certificate of Good Standing Request State of Michigan  




    Tax Resolution


    Form 2848 IRS Power of Attorney

    Form 8821 IRS Tax Information Authorization

    Form 433A IRS Personal Financial Information Statement

    Form 433B IRS Business Financial Information Statement

    Form 656 IRS Offer In Compromise



    City of Detroit Application for Renewal or Registration of Contractors License

    City of Detroit Permit Application for Sign Erection 



    General Forms


    Application for Michigan Notary Public

    Notary Public Bond Application 





  • Contractor Services

  • Property Management

    Property Management

    In today’s challenging times, the team you have protecting your investment is more important than ever.  Detroit City Services can handle all your property management needs. We will service your investment from start to finish including marketing, property viewings, tenant screening and qualification, lease signing, property maintenance, rent collection, city inspections and legal issues such as evictions and garnishments.


    Management Fees are calculated on a graduated scale according to the rent amount collected:

    Single Family

    • Rent amount less than or equal to \0/month – 10% of collected rent
    • Rent amount from \1/month to \00/month – 9% of collected rent
    • Rent amount greater than \01/month – 8% of collected rent

    Multi Family

    • 6 units or less – 7% of collected rent
    • 7 – 35 units – 6% of collected rent
    • 36 or more units – 5% of collected rent

    Set-Up Fees & Commissions

    There is no set-up fee and no fees collected up front. When your property is rented, the first months rent is collected as a rental commission. This commission also applies when the property is re-rented after a vacancy.

    Marketing, Tenant Screening & Tenant Placement

    Detroit City Services will evaluate the property and determine an accurate rental rate by gathering data on rental rates in the area. We will offer recommendations on repairs and cosmetic improvements to maximize monthly rent while providing good ROI. DCS will discuss with the owners the pros and cons on different policies such as accepting pets, allowing smoking, etc.

    We will prepare the property for rent including interior cleaning to maximize rent and manicure landscaping to increase curb appeal. DCS will work with other realtors and leasing agents to find tenants as well as listing the property on local rental sites in the area. The collection of all applications and application fees if applicable will also be taken care of. All tenant screening and selection will be done by DCS including performing background checks to verify identity, income, credit history, rental history, etc.

  • Tenant Placement

    Tenant Placement Services

    In addition to our full property management service, DCS also offers tenant procurement placement-only service. This service is often used when owners want to handle day to day management of the property personally but seek assistance locating, qualifying, screening and contracting the ideal tenant.

    Service Includes:

    • Preparing property for maximize rental rate
    • Advertising and marketing property for rent
    • Coordinating and scheduling showings
    • Notifying owner of showing activity
    • Tenant screening including credit check, reference check & employment verification
    • Lease preparation
    • Collection of first’s month rent, security deposits and owner reconciliation and disbursement of initial monies


    One time fee equal to 100% of the monthly rental rate once tenant signs lease. No additional fee is due should tenant renew lease for additional lease term. Fee applies if service is used to fill a vacancy for same property.

  • Board of Zoning and Appeals

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